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Water treatment for medicine

Система водоподготовки на основе обратного осмосаFor many years “RPC Mediana-Filter” has been manufacturing combined membrane units based on reverse osmosis UVOI-M-F and integrated water treatment systems, using components from the leading world manufacturers (Osmonics, Dow Chemical, Grundfos, Georg Fisher, John Guest, Burkert, etc).

Water treatment units of UVOI-M-F series are certified and registered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Registration Certificate № 29/18061000/1447-01). 

Chemical and bacteriological purity of treated water, low operating costs (minimum power consumption, compactness of water treatment systems, the lack of a chemical feed plant), has resulted in extensive use of units UVOI-M-F in the following areas: 

• Pharmaceutical and biotechnology production (FS 42-2619-97 "purified water" and FS 42-2620-97 "water for injection), GMP compliant 
• Water treatment for haemodialysis 
• Water for autoclaves, washing machines and other sterilization equipment 
• Water for biochemical analyzers, laboratory, analytical equipment 
• Water for production of reagents, diagnostic kits 

Water treatment systems for ultrapure water production are equipped with pre-treatment units. 



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