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Quality Control Unit

“RPC Mediana-Filter" is justly one of the leading European companies in water treatment. One of the components of success is a well thought-out quality policy that has been consistently pursued since the early days of the company. 

Since 2007 our company has been certified in accordance with international quality management standard ISO 9001. In compliance with this standard, all activity of “RPC Mediana-Filter" is structured and its implementation is enshrined in the standards of the organization and additional internal instructions. 

The Quality Control Unit incorporates highly qualified specialists with a broad experience and the ability to evaluate all aspects of the manufacturing process. 

Everything is under control: documentation, materials and supplies, storage and labeling, technological and design solutions, assembly, installation and commissioning, training etc. The Quality Control Unit directly reports to the technical director. It does not depend on the production plans and financial results of the company and may decide to stop the process at any stage. 

The company has a permanent Quality Control Council , which assesses the results of the quality management system and outlines ways for its improvement. 
As is known, a good reputation is hard to earn, but easy to lose. 

We value our reputation and do our best to satisfy our customers with mutual cooperation, so that you will recommend us to other potential customers.
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