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Wastewater treatment

Mediana-Eco is a business unit of CJSC “RPC Mediana-Filter". Research and Production Enterprise "Mediana-Eco” specializes in the development, supply, installation and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment systems. 

For its solution implementation the company uses its own modern equipment, both domestic and imported, high-quality materials and reagents. 

An individual approach to development of treatment technologies and equipment selection allows us to achieve the ultimate balance in cost-quality-efficiency. Continuous operation of wastewater treatment plants, supplied by the company, is provided by highly qualified engineers, equipment quality, high levels of automation, thus minimizing the need for servicing facilities. 

We offer our customers: 

• development of technologies and engineering design of wastewater treatment systems; 
• optimization and modernization of technological schemes, as well as the existing equipment; 
• lab and pilot testing; 
• manufacture and supply of equipment;
• turnkey start up of treatment facilities in accordance with the specific tasks of a customer; 
• installation and commissioning works, personnel training; 
• after-sales service;
• technical support of customers, dealers and representatives. 

Technologies for industrial wastewater treatment developed and implemented by Mediana-Eco:

Одинцовская кондитерская фабрика (бренд «Коркунов»). Станция нейтрализации производственных сточных вод производительностью 40 м3/сутки.- Treatment of surface-active substances; 
- Wastewater treatment for chemical and petrochemical industry; 
- Wastewater treatment for electroplating industry; 
- Wastewater treatment for confectioneries; 
- Wastewater treatment for units of chemical and metallurgical enterprises; 
- Wastewater treatment for dairies; 
- Wastewater treatment for tanneries; 
- Wastewater treatment for greenhouses to return water for irrigation and risk prevention (outbreaks); 
- Wastewater treatment for tobacco plants; 
- Treatment of wastewater containing radioactive substances; 
- Wastewater treatment and disinfection of glass etching units. 

Among our clients: 

• Procter&Gamble (trademark “Wella”) 
• JSC “Mezoplast "(trademarks “Shwarzkopf”, “L'Oreal”) 
• LLC "Alfatechform” (trademark «Help») 
• JSC “Rocolour"(trademark "Linda") 
• JSC “Krasnogorskij Zavod imeni Zvereva” (trademark "Zenith") 
• JSC "A.G.C. Borskij Stekolnyj Zavod" 
 • LLC "Odintsovskaya konditerskaya fabrika" (trademark "Korkunov”) 
• JSC “Podolskij himiko-metallurgicheskij zavod ” 
• JSC “Azot”, Berezniki 
• LLC "Solnechnaya Energetika" 
• JSC “Lukoil-Permnefteorgsintez” 
• SUE “Kizlyarskij kon'jachnyj zavod ” 

More detailed information about our products and services can be found at www.mediana-eco.ru

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