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Installation and commissioning

монтаж системы промышленного обратного осмоса“RPC Mediana-Filter" aims to achieve maximal results at each stage of its work. Particular attention is paid to the final stages of the project - installation and commissioning, as they ultimately determine the "face" of the contractor. 

Specialized departments under the general supervision of the chief of production have been organized in the company structure to perform these tasks. The assembly department unites certified installers, electricians, control instrumentation workers and team leaders capable of carrying out works of any complexity in the company profile. The commissioning department unites highly qualified engineers who know the processes and apparatus of water treatment, ACS, control instrumentation, electrics and much more.  
Each employee is trained and certified on a regular basis within the frameworks of the general training and certification program of “RPC Mediana-Filter" personnel. Procedure for installation and commissioning works is strictly regulated by the orders of the CEO and the standards of organization.
Prior to departure to a customer all teams are provided with modern tools and equipment, instruments for the operational monitoring of the quality of work performed, as well as a complete set of technical and executive documentation.
Installation work is organized in accordance with construction norms and regulations 3.01.01-85 "Organization of construction operations". At the request of a customer, a work production plan is developed, and a general journal of works in the form of KC-6 and other types of reporting are kept. Installation itself is performed in accordance with specific construction norms and regulations, industrial and manufacturer's instructions for separate production units.

For some types of work, particularly relating to the production of demineralized water for medicine and electronics, internal instructions have been developed to assist the installers.
When performing commissioning works, we follow construction norms and regulations 3.05.05-84 "Process equipment and piping”, relevant sections of construction norms and regulations for certain types of installation works, and  internal instructions with due regard for particular characteristics of equipment and processes.

Quality of all installation and commissioning work is monitored at all stages by the Independent Quality Control Service of “RPC Mediana-Filter".  Turning to us, you may rest assured that you'll get a ready-made integrated solution to any water treatment problem on a turnkey basis with warranty of quality and trouble-free operation of equipment.

You can evaluate the quality of installation and commissioning works performed by “RPC Mediana-Filter" by clicking here.  

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