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сервис систем водоподготовкиIn its projects “RPC Mediana-Filter" uses the latest technology and equipment only from the world leaders in water treatment. On one hand, this is an obvious competitive advantage both for us and our customers. On the other hand, the use of sophisticated and intelligent devices with a high level of automation requires a corresponding attitude toward them, i.e. skilled operation and maintenance.
End-users do not always have the necessary resources and means. To help these customers a special service team was organized consisting of highly qualified engineers, who know all the details of technological processes and equipment used. 
Entering into a service contract with us, you pass on to us the service and maintenance of your water treatment system, regardless of its size and complexity. A contract may be annual or one-off. 
Customers, who have concluded an annual contract, get a discount on consumables and services. Service is carried out at convenient times and to an agreed schedule. 

The list of services: 

• Warranty maintenance and after-sales service of water treatment systems. 
• Consulting. 
• Maintenance works.
• Audit of equipment.
• Repair of equipment. 
• Replacement of consumables.

The order of service work is regulated by the standards of organization and internal regulations. 
Service quality is controlled by the independent quality control service of “RPC Mediana-Filter". 
Among our customers: JSC "Svoboda", JSC "Crystal” (Kaluga, Ulyanovsk), CJSC “Soyuz-Victan”, CJSC “Mezoplast”, JSC “Fespharm Company”, LLC Biotics", LLC "Avon Beauty Products Company”, CJSC "Novaya Zarya”, "Essentukskij zavod mineralnyh vod", medical laboratory "Invitro", "Meramed», «XXI Vek", etc.

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