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Consumables for water treatment systems

склад - комплектующие водоподготовкиThe constant availability of virtually all components and consumables in stock can minimize the time of manufacture of water treatment equipment and quickly respond to consumer demands.
“RPC Mediana-Filter" provides supply of consumables and filter media for water treatment:
• Antiscalants Genesys 
• Prepared quartz sand 
• Media for iron removal (Birm, Greensand) 
• Activated charcoal 
• Modern UPS ion exchange resin ULTRAION * 

*Ultraion is a registered trademark of “RPC Mediana-Filter" 

- UPS strong acid cation K (gel)
- UPS strong base anion A (gel)
- UPS weak base anion AC (macroporous)

Among the chemicals proposed by the company, alkaline and acid solutions for chemical cleaning of membrane elements have a special place as they prevent depositing of contaminants on reverse osmosis membranes thus prolonging their operating life: 

Solution MF-B-L20; Solution MF-A-T10

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