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Reverse osmosis units with a high capacity

Система водоподготовки на основе обратного осмоса, Новочеркасская ГРЭС“RPC Mediana-Filter" offers industrial water treatment systems based on reverse osmosis – units of DVS-M series with a capacity up to 100 m3/h per unit and with any required overall capacity. 

Features and advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment units of DVS-M series: 

  • High level of automation and reliability
  • Low operational costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact and innovative design Easy of access, safety
  • Lack of reagents (chemical feed plant)
  • Use of high quality components from leading world manufactures  

The main technical features of the basic models of water treatment systems of DVS-M series: 

  Capacity/output , м3/h
  Power input , Kw
  Dimensions L x D x H , мм
   Weight , kg

Reverse osmosis units with a higher capacity are designed and manufactured under order. 

Обратноосмотическая система водоподготовки большой производительностиThe base model of RO units of DVS-M series includes: 

  • mechanical pre-treatment filter,
  • high-pressure pump,
  • pump protection for "dry" running,
  • high-selective reverse osmosis membrane elements in stainless steel, 
  • circuit of water recycling, 
  • block of chemical washing of reverse osmosis membranes with a set of reagents, 
  • flowmeters set, control systems, stationary digital conductivity meter 

Additional options: overpressure monitoring, permeate discharge before reaching the unit preset value, pH-monitoring, automatic unit for washing reverse osmosis membranes, automatic operation of water treatment system for storage container. 

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