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мембранный блок установки водоподготовки “RPC Mediana-Filter" has constantly been working on the improvement of its technologies and manufacture, expanding the range of products and upgrading its consumer qualities.
Both dynamic development and an innovative approach to manufacturing in CJSC “RPC Mediana-Filter" are largely due to the ongoing research in the company. 

The R&D department conducts its own works in the field of development and implementation of innovative water treatment solutions, special technologies and optional equipment for water treatment systems.

We offer our customers lab, pilot, and industrial tests to make it possible to find ultimate solutions to technological problems. Our broad scientific and technical experience allows us to tackle the most complex issues.

Our developments have provoked the interest of leading manufacturers. For example, negotiations about the acquisition of water treatment technology in the manufacture of silicon wafers are being held with one of the world leaders in this field — RENA ( Germany ). 
Patented and developed by our specialists, a waste recycling lay-out is applied at Podolsky Chemical and Metallurgical Plant. It provides the removal of suspended solids, oil, surface-active substances, salts from water and the production of highly concentrated waste and demineralized water that is suitable for reuse. A two-stage lay-out of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis has been used for the first time. A similar lay-out for the processing of liquid radioactive waste was proposed to Novovoronezhskaya APS. The technology is protected by patent RF № 77097. The company has over 20 patents. 

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