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Water treatment systems for microelectronics

Ultrapure water production

In general, the production of integrated circuits can be divided into three phases: materials production, wafers production and assembly with testing and measurements. The maximum consumption of ultrapure water is typical of the second phase, when the washing of wafers of different topologies is carried out. 
High requirements for the quality of treated water are also specified for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays manufacturing. 

CJSC “RPC Mediana-Filter” designs and manufactures water treatment systems for ultrapure water production for microelectronics enterprises. 

Equipment design with a modular construction principle provides the output of demineralized water from 10 l/h up to 1000 m 3 /h and more. The applied technologies allow continuous ultrapure water production with a steady quality. 

Integrated membrane technologies, developed and patented by “RPC Mediana-Filter”, based on reverse osmosis (DVS-M) and continuous electrodeionization, allow us to obtain the permeate with the quality needed for such technologies at the level of 180 and even 65 nm. 


Системы водоподготовки для микроэлектроники   Системы хранения и распределения высокочистой воды для микроэлектроники
JSC Research Institute of Molecular Electronics “Zavod Micron”, Zelenograd. Electrodeionization system with a capacity up to 35-50 m3/h.    Treated water storage and distribution systems for microelectronics. 
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