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Water is the basis of life on Earth. Water treatment is our business.


     CJSC “Research and Production Company MEDIANA-FILTER” is the largest original equipment manufacturer for water- and wastewater treatment. Our customers include all the countries of the former Soviet Union and a number of other countries as well.

Our company priority is development and implementation of membrane technologies for industrial water treatment that provide ultrapure water production by reagentless (environmentally-friendly) methods, including, in particular:

-reverse osmosis;
-continuous electrodeionization.

The company also rapidly develops and applies conventional technologies of water treatment: reagent treatment, clarification (sedimentation), mechanical filtration, ion exchange (including UPCORE).

The company conducts numerous studies in the field of innovative water treatment methods and research, both in-house and within the framework of special-purpose state and international programs. Among our corporate employees are more than twenty Doctors of Sciences and PhDs. The most unique industrial water treatment systems are patented.

We are ready to offer our customers a wide variety of services that range from development to putting water treatment systems into operation. A broad spectrum of partners allows us to provide our customers with efficient support and service of equipment. We work with a full range of technologies and capacities: from mini- laboratory units up to heavy industrial water-treatment systems. Tens of water treatment units are produced daily.

“RPC Mediana-Filter” is your reliable partner in water treatment.

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