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Water Treatment for pharmaceuticals

“RPC Mediana-Filter” offers integrated solutions including design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of water treatment systems, reactor and batch equipment, industrial pipelines, quality control, monitoring and automation of processes, audit and validation. 

Our equipment is certified and has a registration of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (registration certificates № 29/18061000/1447-01 from 09.01.2001 and № 2007/01282 from DCF 26.11.2007). It is manufactured in accordance with modern due process requirements (ISO 9000), meets the requirements of the pharmacopoeias (national, European, American, Japanese, etc.). We guarantee compliance of our technologies and services, equipment, personnel qualifications, with modern standards and norms: cGMP, ISPE, EMeA, USP, EP, JP, GF etc.

On the basis of our broad experience and own developments, protected by Russian patents, our company manufactures and supplies: 

• Integrated water treatment systems 
Pre-treatment systems of the Aquaton series on the basis of automatic filters for mechanical treatment, iron and manganese removal, softening, dechlorination of water 
One-and double-stage reverse osmosis units
Electrodeionization units  
• Multi-column distillation units of water production for injection and pure steam generators 

Реакторное и емкостное оборудование  - водоподготовка для медициныReactor and batch equipment

We are ready to offer solutions and technologies relating to the supply, installation, piping and putting into operation of the reactor and batch equipment, made of stainless steel of various grades, used in pharmacy practice: ASTM 316L, 904L, etc. 

Storage and distribution of water for pharmaceutical purposes 

The most important task of any water treatment system is not only production of water of appropriate quality, but also providing its proper storage and distribution to customers without changing the physical-chemical and microbiological properties, including apyrogenicity (water for injection). We can offer you both low cost treated water storage and distribution systems made of polymer materials with the possibility of chemical processing, and systems made of stainless steel AISI 316L with the possibility of sterilization by clean steam. 

Технология бесшовной сварки встык для полимерных материаловTechnology of seamless butt welding for polymer materials 

When installing pipes made of polymer materials, we use apparatus for seamless BCF-welding, by which we obtain the welding seam without overlaps and decline of internal diameter with a rough surface in the welding zone identical to the roughness of weldable details. And that's not all! The welding process goes on automatically with minimum operator involvement and provides high recurrence of welded joints parameters, as well as recording of the welding process (electronic or printed form). 

Technology of orbital welding of stainless steel AISI 316L 1.4404/1.4435 in inert gas ambient

Orbital welding of stainless steel pipes has long been assumed to be "classic" of installation. But not all seems to be so easy, as seen at first. Besides orbital welding apparatus (Arc Machine Orbimatic, endoscope Olympus), the welding head, special inserts for welding pipes of various diameters, high-purity argon, consumables, instruments for analysis and control, the most important factor and the key to success is a Man, his capabilities, knowledge, experience, intelligence and arms. We are proud that only professionals in their field work in our company who guarantee the quality of each weld! 

Among our customers are hundreds of medical and pharmaceutical institutions in Russia and abroad. 

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