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Water treatment for power generation

Our company offers a wide range of services on modernization and reconstruction of existing equipment using new, modern, efficient and resource-saving water treatment technologies: 

• ultrafiltration; 
• reverse osmosis; 
• electrodeionization; 
• membrane degasifying; 
• ion exchange with countercurrent regeneration. 
Our experience of the development and maintenance of water treatment plants at many large-scale power sites allows us to offer you a solution to any problems that might arise in the process of demineralized water production. In this process we pay special attention to cost-effective results. Most of our implemented projects have payback periods less than 3 years. 

In addition to the reconstruction and modernization of water treatment plants at existing sites, we propose the development of water treatment plants at newly constructed power sites. All works on development, reconstruction and modernization of water treatment systems can be implemented on a turnkey basis, including: 

• preliminary site survey; 
• assistance in drawing up a feasibility study; 
• conducting pilot tests; 
• development of construction documentation; 
• carrying out demolition works; 
• production and supply of technological equipment; 
• installation of equipment; 
• commissioning; 
• preparation of documents and putting site into commercial operation. 

After operational commissioning, our company provides service and maintenance of installed equipment over the warranty and post-warranty period. Our equipment is manufactured in our own production plant and meets the latest industry specifications. 

Our water treatment systems are high-tech, efficient, reliable and fully automated. 

Among them: 

• mechanical filtration units of Aquaton series; 
• ultrafiltration units of UFS series; 
• reverse osmosis units of DVS-M series; 
• electrodeionization units of EDS-M series
• cocurrent and counter-current ion exchange units; 
• condensate polishing plants (CPP); 
• autonomous polishing plants (APP). 

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