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Water treatment systems for biotechnology industries

“RPC Mediana-Filter” manufactures a wide spectrum of laboratory and industrial water treatment systems, a series of UVOI-MF, producing water from desalinated up to ultrapure deionized. The construction of systems allows combining reverse osmosis, ion exchange, ultrafiltration , adsorption etc in one unit. Desalination units based on the principle of reverse osmosis, with minimal water- and energy consumption, are designed to replace conventional distillers. The production cost of treated water, produced by reverse osmosis unit, is about 30 times lower than that when using distillation. 
Water of analytical grade purity can be used to power the biochemical and immunoenzymometric analyzers, to prepare reagents and diagnostic kits, buffers, culture media, to work with highly sensitive control- and analytical instrumentation. Ultrapure deionized water with resistivity of 18 MOhm ·cm , produced by integrated membrane systems, can be applied to problems of mass spectrometry and chromatography, cultures, genetic engineering and toxicological studies. 
In biotechnological processes special separation technologies and separation technique are widely applied. CJSC “RPC Mediana-Filter” manufactures and supplies ultrafiltration units for the separation of biological media with a threshold cut-off 15 kDa, and adsorption concentrators. 
Here you can find more detailed information on some of our implemented projects in the field of biotechnology. 


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