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Audit of water treatment systems

A broad experience gained by the specialists of “RPC Mediana-Filter" enables us to offer our partners and customers integrated solutions, including technical audit of water treatment systems. 

Turning to us, customers: 

• insure themselves against possible faults due to a lack of experience and practical knowledge in engineering companies in the field of application of modern water treatment technologies; 
• receive comprehensive advice on all issues relating to water treatment; 
• gain confidence in the fact that they use technical solutions which correspond the present level of science and technology; 
• provide cost savings when operating water treatment equipment; 
• and, ultimately, increase marketability of their products. 

We offer: 

• complex survey of existing water treatments equipment; 
• expertise of ion-exchange technologies and materials; 
• expertise of technical solutions in the field of membrane technologies; 
• expertise of technical solutions in the field of ion exchange technology; 
• optimization of existing equipment work; 
• recommendations for reducing the cost of demineralized and softened water; 
• preparation of proposals and pre-project technical solutions; 
• expertise of design decisions; 
• preparation of technical specifications for tenders on modernization of existing equipment and development of new water treatment equipment; 
• technical solutions for wastewater treatment and reuse; 
• preparation of proposals on the application of resource-saving technologies for water use in economic activities. 

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